Corrections to Student Friendly Quantum Field Theory


       I regret how long the corrections lists have grown and am sorry for any inconvenience they may have caused. I had no idea how many errata could escape careful, multiple checks of every page, in each version of the book, by myself and my team of reviewers.

However, we all do owe thanks to many thoughtful, kind readers who have reported errors and suggested ways to make the presentation easier to understand. While correcting typos may be time consuming, the pedagogic improvements (generally more extensive) should save even more time by speeding up the learning process. I continually post such improvements in the correction lists in an attempt to make learning more efficient, easy, and pleasant for you, the reader.

Frankly, from my own experience with other books, I suspect the errata per word ratio in this book is more or less that of other physics books. Any differences may be because 1) other authors do not actively solicit corrections from readers, as I do, so fewer errors are reported, and 2) this book generally has a whole lot more words per topic than others.

In this regard, as I mentioned in the preface to Vol. 2, the late, great Joe Polchinski noted in his memoirs that one goal he had for his now famous string theory text was to have zero errata. But, he ended up with over 400. So, he and I are in the same ballpark, if only in this respect. :- )

To incorporate changes into your book, I suggest only doing one chapter at a time, right before you begin studying that particular chapter. This will make the job easier than putting all of the corrections in the entire book at once.   RDK

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