More comments from students

“This book will make life easier for a lot of people.”

 “Thanks for … making quantum field theory clearer!”

“Awesome. .. approach and presentation .. just awesome!!!”

“Best presentation of QFT I have ever seen …. marvelous!!!”

" transforms learning QFT from being a hazardous endeavor to actually being an enjoyable thing to do."

 “Great job .. extremely clear … guided me through the many ambiguities that QFT seems to conceal and that I wasn't able to work out with any other book. .. the Wholeness Charts [are] exceptionally useful ….excellent book..”

“ .. one of the finest science texts of this new century.”

"... I cannot restrain my enthusiasm. Your presentation is far superior ...  You have my sincere gratitude."

“.. without a doubt this is one of the best, student friendly books I have ever come across. … amazing creation, …”

“… if it is not already a blockbuster, it will become one when the word about it goes around. Your approach is detailed, pedagogical, and so well organized. You set everything in perspective. Great work..”

“ .. the most readable textbook I've read in my life.”

“Better accessible and organized than any other book I have ever seen.”

“…your textbook on QFT … has been incredibly helpful to my studies. Thank you for writing such a wonderful and accessible text.”

 “Before, I thought that renormalization was a …. difficult idea, …. but .. now I’ve found [your treatment of it] beautiful, coherent and attractive …”

“Man you are a good writer! Every time I buy and go through yet another textbook, I come right back to your draft…. I start to understand more and more…. Keep it up!”

"I like the way you explain complex matters very much. I think such a book is filling a big hole in educational literature on modern theoretical physics."

".. first text I see which is at the same time precise, complete and simple on that subject. So it is really a great work."

 “Extremely helpful and presented in a very readable and understandable way.”

“You explain everything so clearly  unlike several other texts that I tried first!  …such a superb text…. you are such a great teacher.”

 “If your book had been available earlier, I would have done a lot better in the class.”

I'm studying for my first QED exam and I am using your notes when I get stuck … They have been a great help quite a few times … the book .. will help students a lot!”

“I found the level and pedagogy of your explanations refreshingly simple!”

“I really like the way your book explains everything intuitively, yet everything is rigorously proven. Your wholeness charts … are very thought-provoking, and helpful towards seeing the big picture.”

 “I am currently taking QFT …and I know I would’ve done considerably better had I found your [web site] sooner than the night before the final!”

“I'm loving every page of this wonderful book.”

“beautiful book”

“great book”

“.. presents QFT in a simple, systematic, people friendly manner.”

“A tour de force! You take us on an incredible journey through the “quantum forest”. We get to know its individual trees and admire, from strategic vantage points, large vistas of its connected majestic landscape.”

 “.. you actually take the students’ well-being into account."

“thank you for your book. It made QFT a lot clearer.”

“…how enjoyable and great your book is. Thank you for writing it!”

“So often in my classes I feel like the trees are coming at me so fast I can't even keep one eye on the forest.  But, your text always seems to keep the big picture in my view.   The wholeness charts are a masterful stroke of pedagogic excellence that I find myself constantly referring to as I read and work on the problems.  I keep finding new insights each time I return to them.“ 

“..fine book.  I can only hope that schools will do their students a huge favor and begin using it for a first QFT course.”

“ excellent … helped me understand QFT much better than other texts I have looked at.”  

“ .. you have thought only of us students while writing the book,..”

“ your book wonderfully demystifies the daunting notation, unspoken assumptions, missing links, and other barriers to understanding … you have my deep gratitude for producing it.” 

“ … if I were ever to have the opportunity of teaching QFT, it is the textbook I would be using. I have recommended it to my advisor”

 “Extremely helpful and presented in a very readable and understandable way.”

 “I am .. a student at Indian Institute of Science Education and Research … I just cannot thank you enough!”

“.. your one book has made a difference much bigger in my physics education than scores of other standard textbooks and lecture videos.”

“… an excellent book to learn QFT. Thank you for your hard work. … clear and with more details. I really agree with the points you have mentioned in your preface. These are very useful for the learning process. I will recommend this book as much as I can.”

"I am a graduate physics student.. your quantum field theory book, is my favorite now.”

“Your book is really a great one … and gives the detailed material that may be skipped by the other books. I hope your book becomes more and more popular.”

 “Not only has it helped me greatly in my understanding but having such an accessible and well explained text has massively contributed to my enjoyment of the subject matter as a whole. I can’t fathom why it’s not been picked up by more lecturers.”

“I have thoroughly enjoyed using your book and can honestly say I believe you have achieved what you set out to do  it truly is student friendly!”

“.. wonderful textbook. … exactly what the QFT textbooks landscape was missing”

 “The time and effort you take to keep things clear makes study of this text truly enjoyable.”

“excellent book”

“I love your book, and I cannot express enough how much easy it's making my semester. The derivation of the Feynman Propagator was amazing in many ways, and the section  Odds and Ends in each chapter makes a lot of things much more clear.   … a very satisfied student.”

“Thank you … for an amazing book.”

“awesome book … Thank you for sharing your knowledge without losing the students from sight in such a difficult subject …  wonderful book”

“Your book, Student Friendly Quantum Field Theory, is excellent. I especially appreciate your philosophy of seeking optimum ways to teach physics.  … wonderful text.”

“excellent book …the book is indeed that”

“Aside from the fact that you give the detailed steps of the derivations, I especially appreciate that you are constantly comparing QFT to NRQM and RQM.... such a clear exposition of QFT and such a thought-provoking essay on the vacuum.”

“extremely valuable!  …. all physics books should be written this way.”

“I find your book to be superb.”

“your book … made QFT a lot clearer.”

“excellent book ….really really student friendly”

“I find your book to be superb. … Thank you for your teaching style which is invaluable. You make the impossible to understand almost easy!”

“[Volume 2 is] a welcome exposition of the Standard Model … After his QED textbook, pedagogical author Robert Klauber does it again.

“.. your book is awesome because of the clear representation [of] the subject”

“I’ll not list all the reasons your books are so fabulous, but I imagine you thought very carefully and worked very hard to produce books that can be understood and enjoyed by a wide range of students, not just the clever ones.  Your books are interesting too, and that helps students keep going, even when the mathematics gets tough.  I loved reading those two books over from cover to cover …

Thank you for doing so much of the hard work that usually falls on readers’ shoulders.“

“Thank you so much for these excellent books ... Thanks to you, I can learn quantum field theory.”

“… it is giving me a lot, from how the arguments are exposed, the extreme usefulness of the wholeness charts, the focus and attention of concepts which might lay behind the scenes and so could cause misunderstanding in the long term if not treated well.

“It is a work of dedication, art, passion and pedagogically brilliant!”

“wonderful book… I love your book.”

“… a very good, easy to understand book on QFT. I have learned a lot and received a great deal of joy from your books.”

“… the author addresses the needs of students rather than the needs of experts. Wonderfully suitable for self-studies!”

“…. it is a really awesome book, and I can’t imagine a better introduction to QFT. Especially comparing it with other books, which can be really obscure sometimes.

“Thank you for putting together such a clear presentation of Quantum Field Theory! … this has opened the doors to a topic which so far had seemed quite impenetrable to me.”

“ … a pedagogical masterpiece to say the least.”

“ are a true educator as you are doing wonders for my understanding of QFT and most of all for answering some of the most difficult questions relating to QFT and QM that confused me for so long.”

“QED cannot be made any simpler”

“… a godsend.  …. your explanatory text on the big picture is great.”

 “..truly special… extraordinary text. For me, it's an incredible gift… a big relief .. finding your text.”

Comments from mathematicians

“Yours (book) is far and away absolutely the best of them all.”

“..truly fantastic... your book is the first book on QFT I know of that really addresses the reader and is extremely agreeable to read in any respect. Many thanks for this book -- I'll have a great summer with it!!

“There is a real need for such texts. Your style is unique and you are an independent thinker. Many of the remarks in your book cannot be found in other texts. And I know of no other textbook which addresses the reader so directly and emphatically.”

“phenomenal book …an absolute masterpiece! I could never "get" QFT until I read your book.”

Comments from PhD engineers

“Pedagogically, I believe your book is the best quantum field theory book ever written, and I mean that.”   PhD in Electrical Engineering from MIT

“very enlightening”, PhD, professor, engineering

“… a great textbook on quantum field theory. One of the best introductory texts on quantum field theory I’ve seen.” PhD, professor, engineering

“I only managed to really understand the electron's anomalous magnetic moment through your book. Nowhere else was it clear enough (and detailed enough) for me.  ..My understanding of quantum field theory has increased a lot thanks to you. … thanks again for having written the book and making so many things come into perspective for me.”   PhD, professor, engineering

Comments from philosophy PhD

“very helpful … very user friendly!”

Comments from professor of physical chemistry

“You have indeed written an amazing book. … your book indeed makes QFT accessible. Thank you … for writing such a wonderful book.” 

Comments from high school physics teachers

“I bought your book, thank God, and I am studying it and really enjoying it. Due to your clear and detailed explanations, I am beginning to understand this wonderful theory. … I am very grateful for your amazing work. … Thank you very much for your more than brilliant work in your book.”

“very useful, practical and enjoyable”

Comments from physicists

"I taught the 1st and some parts [that were available at the time] of the 2nd volume to my students, and they clearly understood topics that were very difficult, complex, and incomprehensible to me as a student. I wish I had this book the first time I read quantum field theory."

“I have very much appreciated Student Friendly Quantum Field Theory: Basic Principles and Quantum Electrodynamics, and the considerable thought you have put into the pedagogical aspects of the presentation. Congratulations and thanks.

… [And] I very much appreciate your statements on the issue of virtual particles and the quantum vacuum state. A much needed riposte to much writing out there.”

                                                                                                               George Ellis

“.. a breakthrough in QFT textbooks … significantly more valuable …”

“.In my humble opinion, the best introduction to quantum field theory. … the author spent a lot of time thinking about what problems someone learning quantum field theory faces.”

" I will never forget the first time that I saw such a presentation style in a physics textbook. I spent many pleasant moments reading Student Friendly QFT (both the volumes) and I was absolutely fascinated by its presentation. The outline of this new volume, like the first volume, fascinated me so much that I decided to drastically reconsider my knowledge of QFT. I recommend Student Friendly QFT books to students in order to start learning QFT; the best book for the beginners, teachers and those who feel that they do not understand the theory well enough. "

“[a] gem… excellent … a very novel and welcome presentation style.”

“.. fill(s) in many details presumed by other texts.  It’s refreshing to have a textbook written for students, not colleagues!”

“I am a theoretical physicist. Your writings are excellent and I am a very big fan. … You are an author par excellence.”

“wonderful textbook… I really like your style. I wish more textbooks would adopt it!

“.. enjoying your .. book enormously. … nearly perfect presentation.”

“Your approach to a challenging subject is really on target and long overdue in my opinion.  Your book really goes the extra mile to help folks..”

“.. you really have made QFT as approachable as possible for the student.  Your frequent use of “Wholeness Charts” comparing NRQM, RQM and QFT really helps the reader stay on track with the big-picture while at the same time working through all the unavoidable and essential details.  The charts really pay big dividends..”

“… fills in gaps that most books do not”

“ Giving an overview over a subject and pointing out the key points is essential. Too often students get lost in lengthy calculations and do not get the deeper sense of the theory and what is actually going on. … Your introduction, your explanations and the wholeness charts do a very good job in this aspect. … Thank you for your effort, well done! … the purpose of a book is to teach the reader not to be short or show the writer’s cleverness ... especially valuable..”

".. cleared up many misconceptions and is a great read"

“…great text ….  yours is by far the best!”

“… excellent exposition of QFT … It is really excellent.”

“Very clear and understandable unlike many other books on QFT.”

“ …outstanding book…

            Your remarks on the very meaning of QM and QFT, on their reciprocal relations, on the fact that central issues in QM theory, such as wave function collapse (almost completely ignored in QFT textbooks), are gold nuggets to students. Indeed, they often ask themselves these same questions, but are not able to answer or, even worse, accept the new QFT concepts without a critical analysis, as if they were something different from the old QM ones and, thus, these questions simply did not apply any longer…

… compliments for your precious work”

“… wonderful book for students...QFT can be impenetrable to great minds...your book opens the door.”

 “I like your philosophy of "simplicity first". It is time that a QFT book which is correct, .. yet simple and not confusing to follow, was published. I very much enjoyed reading it. I found it written clearly in a refreshing style”

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