Electronic Copies

I have become aware that someone has scanned Volume 1 and pdf copies are being passed around, in violation of copyright laws.


It has been a pleasure for me to give you, the end user, an intro to QFT that most believe is far easier to understand than, and saves a whole lot of time over, other texts on the market. I thought only of you during the years spent writing the book, and from looking around this website, you can see I am still doing so.


So, in return, I ask you to help me. If you are using, or thinking of using, a pirated electronic copy of the book, then please purchase a physical copy.


The soft cover version can be had for $57, which is less than half the cost per word of any other text covering the same material. Plus, it is much easier studying technical subjects from a paper copy, where you can simultaneously hold one or more pages open to check referenced equations (and other things), write your own helpful notes and equations in margins and between lines, input corrections, and more.


I thank you sincerely for paying for what I have offered you in this book.


Bob Klauber


Yes, I would like to support Klauber’s efforts to make learning physics easier by buying the book here .